Metal Expansion Joints

Global Flex Mfg. provides a complete line of Metal Expansion Joints in both single-ply and multiple-ply bellows. Global-Flex can meet the requirements of virtually every industry and/or application. Our in-house capabilities allow us to tailor our line of metal expansion joints to meet your application's requirements. 


Following NSF372 guidelines, GFM has tested every product to comply with the new lead-free requirements that take effect January 1. 2014.

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Metal bellow expansion joints are available in basic low-corr, mid-corr, and high-corr construction, and in 50#, 150# and 300# pressure ratings. Single-ply bellows are standard, but multiple ply bellows are available. Either single or dual bellows can be selected, depending on the movement ratings needed. End configurations include weld type, fixed flange, or vanstone. Accessories such as tie rods, shroud covers and internal liners can be added to fit the application. Material options include 304, 321, and 316 SS, as well as Inconel, Monel, and other special alloys. Sizes available up to 144" diameter, depending on bellows type.


Global-Flex Mfg. EJEP Externally Pressurized Expansion Joints are a packless, maintenance free product designed for use in straight runs of pipe to accommodate large amounts of thermal expansion. Within a protective enclosure, external pressure is applied to the bellows via a gap between the internal flange and housing. This pressure keeps the bellows stable. EP Series expansion joints are available in 150# and 300# designs with either flanged or weld ends. Both single and dual bellows are available. Drain ports can be added for steam service. Sizes range from 2" to 24" diameter.


Designed to control axial movements in small diameter piping systems. Series CM/CMS Expansion Compensators utilize the external pressurization principal to eliminate bellows squirm. Styles are available for connection to steel piping or copper tubing. Standard end configurations are threaded, copper sweat, or flanged. Sizes range from 3/4" to 4" diameter.


Series PB/PBR Bellow Pump Connectors utilize a compact face-to-face, multi-ply construction to absorb noise and vibration generated by mechanical equipment. The longer style PBR is manufactured in the same lengths as standard rubber pump connectors and can offer substantial temperature and pressure advantages over rubber connectors. PB/PBR connectors are built with stainless steel bellows and carbon steel 150# flanges and limit rods.

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