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Style-HP Fire Retardant Heat Pump Hose Assembly

SSHEP Fire Retardant Heat Pump Hose Assembly

Global-Flex Mfg. now provides you with superior, Fire Retardant Hose Assemblies of unparalleled quality and integrity, designed specifically for your water source heat pump applications. Our specially coated braid protects the tube from exterior abrasion and prevents rusting. Assemblies are available in any length. SSHEP provides you a hose with a long life of trouble-free service. Meets buy America Act.

Global-Flex Mfg. SSHEP Advantages:

  • Superior abrasion resistant properties from our coated wire braid.
  • The "washer-less" design of the swivel end provides you with ease of installation.
  • Superior water flow capabilities, due to excellent flexibility of the hose, which also minimizes the possibility of kinking.
  • All male pipe threads are shipped with thread sealant already applied (eliminating the need for PTFE tape), capped and ready for installation.
  • Plated steel fittings and adapters reduce the possibility of over-torquing, a common problem with brass and other soft metals.
SpecificationsWorking PressureMin Burst @ 70°FMin Bend RadiusTemperature Range
.50500 psi2,000 psi5.05.0
.75500 psi2,000 psi7.040/+250 F
1.0500 psi2,000 psi7.040/+250 F
1.25200 psi800 psi12"40/+250 F
1.50200 psi800 psi12"40/+250 F
2.0200 psi800 psi12"40/+250 F
  • Your fire-rated water source applications have never been more secure than now, with HP Fire Retardant Hose Assemblies.  Our tube compound is tested to and meets UL-94 with a VO Rating, the highest standard in the industry.


  • Do not use for steam or where liquid flashing is possible
  • EPDM and CPE have a limited life
  • Proper installation is required

Hose Assembly Is Not Intended For Systems With Pressure Spikes:

  • Do not use for fuel application
  • Periodic inspection is required

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