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Global Flex has been providing high quality products to Distributors and Manufacturers of Cryogenic Systems for decades. Our uncompromised innovation and essential products, coupled with our reliability have become an industry staple to ensuring successful outcomes and industry expansion.

Solutions Include:

Stainless Steel AssembliesTeflon Assemblies

The Cryogenic Systems industry is a dynamic sector at the forefront of developing, manufacturing, and implementing technologies that operate at ultra-low temperatures. Cryogenic systems encompass a wide range of equipment and processes for handling and storing materials and gasses at temperatures below -150°C (-238°F). This industry revolves around cryogenic liquids like liquid nitrogen (LN2) and liquid helium (LHe), cryogenic storage tanks, cryocoolers, superconductivity, cryogenic engineering, and diverse cryogenic applications. Cryogenic systems find extensive use in aerospace, healthcare, scientific research, energy, and manufacturing sectors. They enable revolutionary applications such as cryogenic rocket engines, superconducting magnets, cryosurgery, and liquefied natural gas (LNG) production. Continuous innovation drives the industry, focusing on breakthroughs in insulation materials, cryogenic refrigeration, and cryogenic engineering techniques. The cryogenic systems industry plays a pivotal role in unlocking new possibilities by pushing the boundaries of low-temperature technologies, improving performance, safety, and efficiency in handling and utilizing ultra-low temperatures.

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